The Beginning

So, I guess this is my blog. Well my PokeBlog I'll call it. I plan to just write down any ideas I have in Pokemon and also as a place I can 'pen to paper' so to speak. I think that if I start to write things down they will make more sense and force me to find another, better option if there is one. I don't plan to post this link anywhere for at least a while. I guess I should introduce myslef a bit more. 

My online tag is Chiron or ChironVGC. I live in Sydney, am 16 years old and a boy. I first played Pokemon when my father bought me a silver Gameboy Advance SP and a copy of Fire Red. Need less to say, I like many boys and girls have, put countless hours into the game, discussing tactics at school, and generally letting the Kanto consume me. I didn't end up getting SRE for what ever reason, bought a DS and Pearl, skipped SSHG (I suspect this had something to do with my friends not playing anymore and that awkward age at the begining of high school trying to fit in) and got into Pokemon with Black. This is where I first learnt about EVs, Natues, IVs etc. I remember figuring all the math out and ticking of every EV as I slowly EV trained a Zoroark. I than found screwed up my next attempt at EV'ing and I stopped for some reason. School, life and all those things just got in away enough that I didn't feel the urge to play Pokemon again. I than came across Ray's 2012 World's Team on I don't know exactly how I found the site but I was very excited when I did. It was a little while after Worlds so all the articles were already up including what I still see as one of, if not the best team builds, Wolfe's Worlds team. 

Another team there was Mango's Worldes Top 8 ( I believe) team consisting of Cresselia, Tyanitar, Hitmontop, Scizor, Zapdos and Garchomp. I SR and Breed for all of them (save for Zapdos, I forget what I put in that slot) and made more or less my first competitive team. From there I have came a good distance but still have an even longer one to go. That team still holds a sweet spot with me. I remember getting my first win on Random GBU with it. 

That is the begining of my blog. In a few wins I will have it 500 on GBU and I will write my team down and try to figure it out a bit better as I also have a possible VGC 13 Tourney coming up I want to prepare as best I can for. 

Until Later Gators, Chiron. 


ps Sorry for any poor English and grammar. I try to keep things smooth and easy but there will always be mistakes. Thanks :)