Teams from 2013 to Sydney Regionals 2015

Clearly the blog has been extremely active. To add some content here I have decided to essentially dump a whole bunch of teams and when I used them. Some at live events, some on PS, some purely for fun. All team 'dumps' like this will be done with Gen V sprites as they are far superior. Any Gen VI 'Mons will done with Smogon's sprites or something. A few teams have an 'or' Pokemon. This means that the team used a core of 5 Pokemon and the last slot changed regularly. 


(2012) Post-Worlds

Early Season Sand Team

ludicolo.png (96×96)thundurus-therian.png (96×96)excadrill.png (96×96)

Fake TR team with Marowak 

marowak.png (96×96)chandelure.png (96×96)togekiss.png (96×96) 

Sejun copy

*Main* Team 

amoonguss.png (96×96)


marowak.png (96×96) 


Winter Scramble 

amoonguss.png (96×96)garchomp.png (96×96)

GG Town Hall - February

garchomp.png (96×96)

GG Town Hall - March/April

garchomp.png (96×96)

Sydney Regionals 

amoonguss.png (96×96) 

Nats had I attended

  or garchomp.png (96×96)


 garchomp.png (96×96) or 

2015 till present

Major team that was never acutally completed on cart. 

amoonguss.png (96×96)aegislash.png (96×96)

Sydney Regionals