Teambuilding for Sydney Regionals 2015

Sydney Regionals was on the 18th April, the last weekend of my school holidays. I knew I had plenty of time and wanted to have a really good core I was happy within a week of the tournament. I started thinking about teams I had liked this season and came up with a fairly blank mental whiteboard. I went onto thinking about Megas that I liked playing, or that could do well in Sydney. Kanga, ChariY and MegaMence were the three that stood out to me most. I also spent a lot of time trying to get a good idea what was happening world wide and what was successfull. I ended up finding some teams like

A very standard, tailwind Kanga team that has seen success in Japan and other regions.

CharizardY - Weavile teams also caught my eye. Sejun, Gebebo and AngDe had all used different varients to varying success. CharizardY was my most used Mega for 2014 so naturally I grativated towards teams built around it. 

After some PS testing and discussion with Luke (@DawgVGC)I ended up ditching both of these team concepts. I knew Breloom was going to be very popular in Sydney and didnt feel like playing mirrors all day. I'm also not a huge fan of Suicune. Despite favouring ChariY, I didnt want to have to avoid rock sliders like Terrakion and LandorusT which I believed would also be very popular. 

I also tested Cluster/Sejuns Mega-Blaziken team. I thought this was quite strong but again, something about it felt off. 

I was left with another blank sheet. 

Around this time Scott Glaza (@NBNostrom) tweeted a few words about the strongest non-mega Pokemon. As I was having troubles deciding on a mega to use, I opted to start with the rest of the team. This lead to a simple core of 

I was convinced at this point Kanga was the only way to go. All the other Megas had very tough matchups with certain, common, Pokemon. I also believed Kanga + the core would be very tough to break if I could outplay my opponent. 

From here the team could go a lot of different directions. The last 2 slots proved to be difficult to fill as many Pokemon and combinations could work. I tried Breloom and Safety Goggles Aegislash ( A huge check to things like KangaLoom and ClefKang which I thought I would see a lot off). 

In the end Luke suggest I try Cresselia - Sylveon. I quickly decided I was going to use TR rather than Icy Wind as the instantous flip of speeds could turn games in my favour quickly. It proved to work wonders in testing. 

The final change to the team came again from Luke. Thundurus replaced RotomW as it had a better matchup against threaten CharizardY wide Wide Guard support as well as taunt other Pokemon. Some items were moved around after a lot of testing even to the point where Cresselia and Sylveon had changes made the night before. EV Spreads also changed constantly and, in all honesty, many were stolen. They worked wonders having some really clutch survivals such as in Swiss G8 against Johnson when Kanga took double mach punch from Breloom and Conkeldurr! I was happy with almost all of the EVs though I would've liked to have had a different LandorusT spread. In the end it didn't matter thankfully. 

The team was finally complete! 

The final stage was of course getting the team in-game. Luke helped out and got me almost all of my Pokemon late Wednesday night and I EV'd them into the early hours of Thursday morning. I played some BattleSpot games on Friday to double check everything and I was ready for Saturday!