Various Teams from Japan Cup 2015 - Incomplete

Japan held their online qualifier for the 2015 Japanese Nationals recently. The top 31 competitors guaranteed their place for Nationals with the last place yet to be announced. Naturally, many great teams were show cased over the weekend. Many still remain secrets (understandably) though some competitors have opted to release anything from the 6 Pokemon they used right up to the movesets and EVs!
21 of the top 31 competitors can be seen below. 

I have no idea who orignally tweeted this image so I apologise for more or less stealing it! 

Various Teams. The below is an assortment of teams used as per the blogs of the individual players. Their blogs will be linked even if they have no teams. 

1. @see_miruo -

2. @westwoodkun -

3. @0p0t0p0t0p0t -

4. @masaVAmpharos - Therian Form

5. @inospeed -

6. @BIDcp - Incarnate FormeTherian Form

7. @bicho_5296 - Incarnate FormeTherian Form

8. @Scar3020 -

9. @mazuibou1 - Incarnate FormeTherian Form

10. @barudoru -

11.ennui_noon - id: ennui_noon: 20150408033315p: imagef: id: ennui_noon: 20140315091819p: imagef: id: ennui_noon: 20150408094818p: imagef: id: ennui_noon: 20150113035435p: imagef: id: ennui_noon: 20131119004851p: imagef: id: ennui_noon: 20131207235107p: image

12. @syaronalex -

13. @haruchin_kawaii - 

14. @yande_rem -

15. @nandeglay -

16. @SHADEviera -

17.SyadoWCS - 

18.@Yuuichi_u1 -

As you can see there are many blank spaces. There are possibly mistakes as well as I cannot, nor attempt to, speak/read Japanese. If you see any mistakes. or have any more info to fill in please feel free to DM over at twitter. Cheers