Bicho's Mega-Gardevoir Japan Cup Team!

Another team from the Japan Cup this time from @bicho_5296
Bicho has a really great blog that I try to check regularly as it is updated constantly and gives a really great insight into what is happening in Japan.
It can be found here:

Bicho's team consisted of: Therian FormeIncarnate Forme
The team consists of a now, somewhat common core including Mega-Gardevoir, Amoonguss and Heatran. Double Genies round out the team to 5 members. Scar ran these 5 Pokemon with Azumarill as the 6th whilst Ray Rizzo used Scrafty. Bicho also opted for a dark type, Tyranitar! 

As per usual here is the weakness chart thanks of
The team covers all the bases well though has quite obvious weaknesses to water and ice.

Individual Pokemon

Tyranitar @ Life Orb
Ability: Sand Stream
- Rock Slide
- Crunch
- Low Kick
- Protect

Amoonguss @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Regenerator
- Energy Ball
- Spore
- Rage Powder
- Protect

Incarnate FormeThundurus @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Prankster
- Thunderbolt
- Hidden Power [Ice]
- Thunder Wave
- Taunt

Therian FormLandorus-Therian @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Intimidate
- Earthquake
- Rock Slide
- U-turn
- Superpower

Heatran @ Safety Goggles
Ability: Flash Fire
- Heat Wave
- Earth Power
- Overheat
- Protect

Gardevoir @ Gardevoirite
Ability: Trace
- Hyper Voice
- Psychic
- Trick Room
- Protect

The team is a little more standard this time around with extremely common Thundurus and Landorus spreads. The Trick Room Mega-Gardevoir as discussed earlier is also very common. That leaves 3 Pokemon; Tyranitar, Amoonguss and Heatran. Tyranitar is interesting in itself as it has seen next to no usage this season and then skyrocketing to 2 in just 3 Japan Cup teams. Unlike Paranoia's ScarTar, Bicho used a Life Orb Tyranitar with a standard moveset. The Amoonguss is very standard except its Grass STAB. Bicho opted to use Energy Ball instead of Giga Drain. Perhaps Bicho had some specific calcs that needed to be hit and the extra damage was necessary. The final thing of note on the team is Safety Goggles on Heatran. This has grown in usage considerably in the past weeks and months. Overheat gives Heatran a way to take down Wide Guarding Aegislashs quickly as well as Amoonguss' hoping to spore them.

The team today was a little more standard but proves how important a good meta-call and consistent plays can be instead of trying to catch your opponent out at every twist and turn!