Japanese Nationals - Various Teams


Barudoru (@barudoru) has posted the full Japanese Nats team, groups, and final standings. It can be found here. It has everything this page...and more!
Check it out: http://d.hatena.ne.jp/barudoru/20150617


32 of the best Japanese players participated in the Japanese National Championships this Sunday. On this page I hope to post as many of the Japanese teams as possible. (Many thanks to @SoulSurVGC for tweeting placings!) 

1st Place - @SHADEviera
  Therian Forme

2nd Place - @mor1yama
 Therian Forme

Top 4


Top 8

Therian Forme

Therian Forme

@0p0t0p0t0p0t (Paranoia) 

Other Placings
 Therian Forme

 Therian Forme

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Incarnate FormeTherian Forme

Therian Forme

Therian Forme

みょん (Myon)

1st Place - Hondo Kouki
Incarnate FormeTherian Forme

2nd Place - Haruki Kondo
Wash Rotom

Other Placings

Top 8 - @teiruzu19_0053
Therian Forme

Top 8 - @Shien25001400

@Srt_lullRay (2-1)
Incarnate FormeTherian Forme

(Thanks to @miyukihimeVGC for the top two senior teams. The other three were from stumbling around twitter.)


Obviously the list is very incomplete. I'll try and update it over the next few days!