Special Season 11 - @PAMELA_emuritto's Rankings

Special Season 11 (S11) is an exciting, limited, new format that sees the top 20 Pokemon of Battle Spot rankings banned.These Pokemon can be seen here as well as the other rules.

Special 11 gives the limelight to other, often over-looked Pokemon. This makes teambuiding, in my and I'm sure many others opinions, more challenging but also more rewarding and enjoyable! 
@PAMELA_emuritto has put together a post compiling the top Pokemon in order of S,A and B after 150 battles in the format. This is a great resource to know which Pokemon are dominating the format and threats to your team! The original post can be found here: http://d.hatena.ne.jp/pamela_emuritto/20150723/1437629071






Normally I would offer my own opinion here. Unfortunately I haven't played as much of this format as I would have liked and therefore believe that my opinion isn't valid enough to make any big changes to the established list. I am a little surprised at how low rain is (Kingdra and Ludicolo B-, Poli B+). This is possibly due to people already adapting and preparing heavily for these types. 

A few fun Pokemon that I have used and had success with in my limited experience include  , and . Almost any Pokemon has a shot in this format! I think if their is any format ever to ignore a tier list, this is it. Please take this article as an introduction to Pokemon that are common and pose threats in S11 rather than what Pokemon to use, and what not to use. The competitive season is over for the best part and this is a great chance to kick back, relax and use some fun Pokemon! 

As a final note, many of you may have noticed the blog was extremely quiet for around a month. I had HSC Trial exams, essentially my yearly exams for my last year of school. Obviously these take up a lot time. Unfortunately, I will have my HSC exams Oct-Nov and again, the blog will be very quiet around that time. For the mean time though, I will try to catch up and release content as consistantly as I can leading into Worlds. Thanks, and enjoy!